Fire Detection System Installation and Repair Services 

Every year, property fires kill more Australians than bush fires combined with all other natural disasters. Fortunately, advances in smoke detector technology can help protect Australian lives, along with evolving laws. If you want to keep up with the latest fire detection system, contact our team at Hughes Fire and Electrical

We Supply 

With functioning smoke detectors, you can ensure safety and security in your home. If you are looking to buy one, our technicians at Hughes Fire and Electrical will provide you with just what you need. We know that you deserve advice from an expert. When you decide to work with us, we will provide you with a safe and top-notch service at an affordable price. 

We Install 

Our experts offer more than just offering smoke alarm supplies; they also install these systems. They test and provide paperwork requirements for smoke alarms installed in tenanted properties. More importantly, they undergo continual training and keep up with the changing legislation, as well as the Australia industry standards, to maintain our reputation as Townsville’ trusted fire detection system installation experts. 

We Inspect and Maintain 

Your smoke alarm is your first line of protection against a possible fire, so at all times it must operate properly. A functioning smoke detector improves by 60% the chance of surviving a house fire. Through our regular checks, you can ensure that your fire protection system works as needed, clearing vents and removing obstacles if appropriate. 

We Repair 

Did you know that most smoke detectors only have a 10-year working life? After that, they do not comply with Australian safety requirements anymore. Chances are they will need service if you have not tested your alarms since you moved into the house. There is also no hint of how old the machine is until a specialist breaks it apart.


Our certified electricians will test and maintain your existing units to make sure that they can operate effectively in case of fire. This can be as basic as changing batteries. Our technicians, however, may recommend that they be repositioned, upgraded to a photoelectric model, or modified to a 230-volt hard-wired device for better performance. 

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Put your safety on top of everything else by considering our fire detection service! Call in the team at Hughes Fire and Electrical for prompt and reliable workmanship. Our growing team knows the ins and outs of the industry, so you can trust us to deliver your desired results. Contact us to request a quote today!