Fire Services Townsville

One of the most significant features of your building is the overall fire safety system. It is essential to have your fire alarms in good working condition at all times. Many people, however, are unaware of what their fire alarm systems do and how they function.


As a trusted provider of fire services in Townsville, Hughes Fire and Electrical wants its clients to have the most up-to-date information on their fire alarm systems. That is why we have outlined a list of the frequently asked questions to help you.

1. How long will a fire alarm last? 

A well-maintained fire alarm can last 10 to 12 years. And if your alarms are still functioning, you can have them replaced once they reach that age. Older fire alarms have a higher failure rate than newer ones, and you may not notice a problem until it's too late. 

Furthermore, technical advances are continuing to improve the effectiveness and reliability of fire alarms. We are sure you do not want to be stuck with an obsolete model that will not keep you as safe as possible. 

2. What is the difference between conventional and addressable fire alarms? 

The most significant difference between traditional and addressable smoke alarms in Townsville is their size. Smaller structures, such as private offices or convenience stores, are best served by traditional fire alarms. When they sense smoke or fire, they will go off individually, allowing you to safely and quickly exit the house. 

Large building complexes or campuses need addressable fire alarms. A few customisation options are available for addressable fire alarm systems, including: 

  • Depending on their venue, different devices have different warning thresholds 

  • An enunciator panel installed in the front of your building to indicate which devices or zones are disturbing 

  • Networks that are easily scalable and allow you to easily add zones 

  • While addressable fire alarm systems are more costly than traditional alarms, the additional knowledge they offer firefighters and building managers is invaluable 

3. What kinds of fire alarms are there? 

Ionisation and photoelectric fire alarms are the two most common varieties. Curtain fires, trash can fires, and other blazing, fast-moving fires are detected by ionisation fire alarms. Smoky, smouldering fires, such as electrical fires, that start behind walls, are better served by photoelectric fire alarms. Dual sensor fire alarms are also available. 

4. Is a fire alarm monitoring system worth it? 

Everyone has heard horror stories of people arriving at work to find the burned remains of their office (along with all of their equipment, files, and other valuables). We will not let that happen to you! As part of our fire services in Townsville, we will monitor and test the fire alarm systems in your building to make sure they work properly. 

5. Why does my fire alarm constantly chirp or beep?


When the batteries of smoke detectors run out, they will chirp at regular intervals. There may be a variety of reasons why your fire alarms are making noises at random: 

  • Make sure the battery fits correctly in the battery slot if it is loose or poorly assembled. Otherwise, the battery links could not allow good contact. If the battery was not correctly placed into the slot, simply pop it out and replace it. 

  • If the fire alarm cover is dirty (with dust and dead bugs in the sensor chamber), it may start to chirp. Make sure the sensor chamber is clean (the easiest way to do this is to vacuum it out every time you change the batteries). Install an ionisation fire alarm in the room where you want to install the smoke detector if the room is particularly dusty. 

  • Many modern electronic fire alarms come with logic boards that tell the alarm to chirp when the battery gets low, so it will need to be reset. Unfortunately, adjusting the battery is not always enough to quiet the chirping. To ensure that the smoke detector works correctly, you will need to press the reset button. 

If all else fails, your fire alarm may need to be replaced. Luckily, we can install, replace, or repair them for you. 

If you have further questions about our fire services in Townsville, do not hesitate to contact Hughes Fire and Electrical. If you need a smoke alarm check, repair, or maintenance, feel free to reach out.