The staff at Hughes Fire & Electrical have been installing, maintaining and repairing Electrical Services for over 30 years. They have been extensively involved in both Fire Protection & Detection in North Queensland since 1998 Completing major works such as Prisons, Schools, Hotels and Hospitals as well as adding Fire Protection into Housing and Commercial Properties. We are always ready to give a free quote to our clients needs and will work to achieve a needed result with a budget they will be happy with.

Eric Hughes
Director & Senior Technician

Director of the Company and Senior Technician for all Electrical  and Fire related works. Eric has vast experience in both fields and has Installed, Maintained and Serviced systems throughout North Queensland. He has been responsible for many of the installations of Fire Detection and Evacuation Systems in the Townsville region.

Barry Low Senior Technician

Barry is a Senior Technician and Senior Service Technician in the company for Electrical and Fire related works. Barry has a broad range of knowledge in Security Systems and is often called on to do this work. Barry has supervised many installation sites in Townsville and carried out servicing of equipment throughout North Queensland